How to Bond with Your Cat

Kitties are fascinating animals. These adorable little furballs can be extremely clingy, or generally aloof, but they’re all very unique. Some kitties love nothing more than to curl up on their owners laps, while others prefer to enjoy a good conversation from across the room. Whatever your furball’s personality, both you and Fluffy will benefit the most from a strong bond of love. In this article, your Rincon vet offers a few tips on bonding with kitties.

Talk To Your Furball

No one is entirely sure just how much of our language kitties understand, though it’s generally accepted that our feline friends are capable of understanding their names, as well as the phrase ‘Get down from there!’ Don’t hesitate to talk to your kitty. Even if your feline buddy doesn’t understand you, she’ll know from your tone that she’s getting attention. You might find that she likes talking back, or even argues!


Piggybacking on the last suggestion, mimicking your cat’s vocal patterns is a fun way to engage your furball. When your cat meows, mimic the sound she makes as closely as possible. She’ll probably answer back with another sound. Again, copy her tone. You may be able to keep this little game going much longer than you would expect!


Take time to play with your kitty every day. It’s great for her physical and mental health, and it’s excellent stress relief for you too! Playing will burn off Fluffy’s excess energy, which will leave you with a calmer, happier cat. Catnip toys and little plastic balls are also acceptable.


Most kitties enjoy being petted, though they all have their preferences as to exactly when and how they should be stroked. Some kitties like their chins rubbed, while others prefer ear scratches. There are furballs that love belly rubs, while others want those furry tummies kept completely off-limits to human hands. Let Fluffy choose when it’s time to cuddle, and then indulge her with cuddles and attention.


Most animals love treats. Spoil your kitty with occasional bits of tuna or unseasoned, boneless chicken, or store-bought kitty treats. You’ll have that little motor of hers rumbling in no time.

Does your kitty need shots or an examination? Please contact us, your Rincon vet clinic, for all your pet care needs. We are here to help!

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