How to Make Your Bird Happy

Do you have a feathered friend in your home? Birds make very charming and enchanting pets. As a loving pet owner, you’ll want to take every step possible to make sure your winged pal is content. Here are some tips on making your pet bird happy, as described by your Garden City veterinarian.


Spend time every day with your bird. Speak to Polly, give her some treats and toys, or teach her a few new tricks. If you have a cage with a removable play-top, you can keep your feathered pal near you while you’re balancing your checkbook or spending time on the computer.

Choose The Right Cage

Different types of birds require different sizes, shapes, and styles of cages. Be sure to match Polly’s cage to her species. Don’t skimp on size, either: the more room your pet has, the happier she will be.

Plenty of Toys

Life in a cage can be dull, especially for a creature as curious and active as a bird. To keep Polly happy and entertained, you’ll need to provide plenty of toys. Change your feathered pet’s playthings out frequently to keep things new and fun.

Proper Perches

Perching is a bird’s natural position, so it’s very important to provide your winged buddy with proper perches. Your pet should have at least three perches: one concrete perch; one natural perch, such as a branch or wooden perch; and one that is manmade, such as a rope perch. Be sure to get the proper size for your bird’s age and species.


Birds need daily time outside their cages to keep from growing restless and unhappy. Make sure to give your little buddy free time every day.

Location Location Location

Where you put your feathered pal’s cage is very important to her happiness. Most birds like to be able to watch and interact with their humans, but they don’t want to be the center of attention. Cooking fumes can be very dangerous for birds, so don’t put Polly’s cage near the kitchen. You’ll also want to avoid placing the cage near heat sources, drafty areas, and direct sunlight.


You’d get bored eating the same thing every day, and so will Polly. Keep your feathered pal’s diet interesting by providing lots of variety.

Please contact us, your Garden City vet clinic, for all your bird’s veterinary care needs.

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